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Whenever on earth atheism prevails, peoples misdeeds such as rejecting religion and attempting to steal the rights of others increased, then God himself must bring his entity in human form to this world. Sri NabhKanwal Raja Sahib Ji was the light of God himself. This Great Spirit came to this world in the year 1862, born in his maternal village Ballowal district Jalandar (now known as ShaheedBhagat Singh Nagar). Father Mangal Das Ji and mother Sahib DaiyeeJi gave birth to a remarkable child who upon first glance left the midwife, Umari feeling enlightened. When the news of this great birth reached the paternal village of Mananahana, district Hoshiarpur, Great-Grandfather Naudha Singh Ji instructed Grandfather BholaJi to donate 25 acres of land. Immense happiness had spread and water wells were setup for people who were traveling.

Believed to be the incarnation of God, the name BhagwanDass was bestowed upon him. He stayed with his Aunt Atari at her village Musapur. MaulviShahddin was astounded by how BhagwanDass, at such a young age, learned many languages like Pharasi, English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Nagari and Arbi. BhagwanDass graduated at the young age of 13 years after which he focused himself towards sadhu philosophy and kept the company of other sadhus. Through this journey he met with BhaiJavahar Singh. BhagwanDass was enticed by BhaiJavahar Singh and aloted him as his Guru. BhagwanDassJi stayed in Jhingra for many years and wrote “BhagwanBilas” in which he named himself as “free-willed, open hearted and saintly.” The name “ShriNabhKanwal Raja Sahib Ji” was bestowed upon BhagwanDass by Mast Patiala Vale Baba Sahib Das Ji. Many other groups wanted to recruit ShriNabhKanwal Raja Sahib Ji, but free-willed Raja Sahib Ji kept within the pinds of Majara, Jhingra, Rasulapura. Rajipa and Gunachaur.ShriNabhKanwal Raja ShaibJi’s name and talk spread widely, such that yogis from Haridawar would come to meet him, and he would enlighten them with his divine words.

ShriNabhKanwal Raja Sahib Ji was a great scholar who composed the great granth “BhagwanBilas” which is composed of his various life phases. After enlightening countless lives, in the morning hour at the residence of Mata Jasi in 1940, ShriNabhKanwal Raja Sahib became light and left this earth to remerge with God. Raja Sahib Ji left his message for the world to share but no picture or portrait can be found of his.